Welcome, Host & Feast This Eid


Family gatherings, great food, gifts, decking up home, and much more – there is so much to love about Eid al-Adha. As we look forward to creating some beautiful memories this season, let’s focus on the three integral parts of any festivity – Welcoming, Hosting & Feasting. From making the best first impression to celebrating the magic of togetherness, here is how to embrace the true spirit of festivities.

The First Impression

Your entryway is the first place where your guests will lay their eyes on. So, leave no stone to make a killer first impression. Establish a console and pair it with modern Arabic calligraphic art. Stage some show-stealing accents such as a flower arrangement, a candle holder and a floor lamp and set the tone for the rest of your interior. Placing photo frames will add a personal touch to the whole space.

The Heart of Celebrations

Flaunt a living room that is as comfy as it looks beautiful, and celebrate the magic of togetherness. Establish a stunning sofa instilled in the plushness of velvety textile and gold metal accents. Let a striking coffee table adorned with defining accents take the centrestage, while you keep the space well-lit with enchanting lightings.

The Art of Serving

Take your hosting game up a notch with elegant serving trolleys. Perfect to serve refreshments and snacks, they make a practical choice and add an eloquent touch to your interior. Choose designs in gold or silver to steal the show.

The Wall of Elegance

An artistic backdrop is sure to spark some conversations and leave your guests impressed! From adding canvas paintings to hanging decorative accents, there is a lot that you can do to add a glamorous touch to those empty walls, and we bet nothing captures the spirit of EID quite like some Arabic calligraphic wall arts.

The Grandiloquent Spread

Gathering for the feast is one of the key events during the festival! So, take out those exquisite dinner sets and cutleries that you have been waiting to show off. For the finishing touch, accentuate your tabletop with the quintessential charmers such as a lovely floral arrangement, candle holders, placemats and napkins. After all, it is those little details that make a huge impact.

Set the Ambience

Mesmerize your senses by filling your home with a long-lasting scent. Make sure to choose candles and diffusers that are not too overpowering but are long-lasting enough to fill the whole space with a subtle and soothing aroma.

Vanity in Check

Probably the tiniest space of your whole house, yet one of the most personal areas that reflect your personality is your bathroom. Yes, that’s right! No matter how well you have organized the rest of your home, it can break the whole impression if you don’t maintain this place the right way. So, from countertop accessories to organizing baskets, make sure you have everything to keep your bathroom spotless.

How To Light Up Every Corner Of Your Home!

Lighting plays a major role in your interiors. From setting the perfect ambiance to balancing the right amount of light, they can illuminate the whole area while creating a spellbinding effect in your space. Whether you are looking for a magnificent chandelier to make a statement in your entryway or an enchanting floor lamp to brighten up the corner of your living room, here are some bewitching luminaries that can transform your abode into a magical haven.

1: A Whimsical Entryway

A whimsical entryway makes a lasting impression in your interior! To set a warm and welcoming tone, opt for a statement chandelier or sconce light, and leave your guests impressed. You may also try string lights across the walls or a side lamp on the console table to add a subtle yet mesmerizing glow to space.

2: Statement Centerpiece to Glam Up your Decor!

There is nothing more bedazzling in your interior than an appealing chandelier or a pendant! From making an impressive statement in your entrance to creating a focal point in your living or dining room, it can bring in an element of luxury to any space with its timeless appeal. Choose a chandelier adorned with crystals for your living area or accentuate your dining section with an unconventional pendant light and leave your onlookers in awe.

3: A Spotlight for Your Reading Nook

An elegant floor lamp is ideal for shedding some light on your reading nook or just to brighten up any corner of the room. Set up a mesmerizing spotlight by mixing an artistic lampshade pattern and a captivating base design. It not only lends a glowing touch to your interiors but also adds a decorative accent to your space even when the light is turned off.

4: Cozy up Your Bedroom

From enhancing your vision for late-night reads to setting up a soothing aura to groove into a musical mode, table lamps create an inviting and cozy vibe in your bedroom, letting you escape into the realm of good dreams. The soft luminary can fill the room with the right amount of light while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your interiors.

5: An Inviting & Warm Conversational Corner

Be it late-night conversations, movie nights, or curling up with a favorite read, a well-lit conversational space can make every moment special and delightful. An alluring chandelier can simply pull together the whole look as it lights up your interiors. Don’t limit yourself to just one accent light in your living room and instead incorporate multiple lightings like floor lamps, sculptural sconces, and string lights to set a cozy and warm tone for different moods.

6: Illuminate your Kid’s Space!

The proper balance of lighting is essential in your kid’s bedroom as it not only adds a touch of glow to their interiors but also enlightens their young minds. From desk lamps to power up their study time to calming night lamps to drift off to a beautiful dreamland, bring some ray of joy into your little one’s room with gorgeous lights. Try luminaries in quirky designs to add a fun vibe to their space.

7: Brighten Up your Productive Station!

Your productivity is greatly influenced by your workstation and adequate lighting is one of the key elements contributing to an ideal atmosphere, particularly when you end up working late at night. Brighten up your work-from-home corner by channeling the perfect amount of light into your space with task lamps. Focus on the design and shapes to create a stylish setup where you can ideate and boost your creativity.

8: Light Up your Vanity Area!

Whether you want to cut a perfect shave or draw the ultimate wing for your eyes, a vanity light is a must! Accentuate your mirror by adding the right amount of light and get a closer look at your face with stunning fixtures. From sconces to pendants, you can try a variety of designs to boost the brightness in the space, at the same time add a stylish touch to your interior. If you want to bring in a luxurious vibe, consider an eye-catching chandelier in your vanity section.

How to Dress Up your Bed!

Your bedroom is without a doubt the most personal space in your home! It is where you head to escape from the whizz and fuzz of your daily life! Hence, sprucing up the style quotient and comfort of your bedroom should be on top of your list, and what better way than dressing up your bed to keep your space more inviting and trendy? Make your sleeping pad extra cozy and wake up to a luxurious hotel-like retreat every day with our simple and easy bedding ideas! 

1: Start with the base!

Start with a good quality mattress protector and keep your mattress clean and new-looking for a very long time.  If you prefer an extra layer of coziness, spread a mattress topper with memory foam filling. Top it with a soft and breathable fitted or flat sheet. Make sure to tuck in all the sides neatly under the mattress without any visible crease on the surface for a well-defined look.

2: All those extra layers!

Layering is the key to an ultimate sanctuary! From duvets to blankets, add multiple layers of bedding for supreme comfort. In summer, opt for breathable and lightweight top layers to keep your bed cool and comfy. Winter is perfect to pull out those thick comforters and blankets to keep yourself warm and cozy for a good night’s sleep. 

3: The ultimate sleep boosters!

Pillows are great sleep enhancers as they can impact the quality of your sleep! Therefore, picking the right pillows is as important as choosing a perfect mattress for your bedroom. From goose down to feather to memory foam, there are a variety of pillow fillings that you can try based on the comfort level that you are looking for. To spruce things up, wrap them in appealing patterned cases and shams!

4: Pile up on comfort!

Decorative cushions and pillows are more than just accent pieces in your decor! Laden with comfort, they can make an eye-catching statement in your interior while injecting an intriguing touch of warmth to your space. Pile up pillows and cushions in different sizes, shapes, and patterns to create super-stylish bedding. Bolster pillows add a distinct touch to the overall setup while offering excellent support for your neck!

5: Cozy up with throws

Nothing can add chicness to your bedding quite like a beautiful throw casually tossed on the side of your bed! Lightweight yet cozy, they are the ultimate add-ons to bring a sense of warmth and style to your space. From cable knit to faux fur throws, try some gorgeous designs to add an extra layer of fluffiness to your retreat. Amp up your interior by incorporating textures and details like tassels and fringes to create a stunning statement.  

6: Colors, textures, and patterns!

Dressing up your bed is an art! Infuse stunning colors, textures, and patterns to create an alluring bedscape and dive into an artistic retreat. If you are in a mood to stick to basics, an all-white look can create a timeless style. Create a beautiful juxtaposition by piling up colorful accent pillows in solid patterns. Jewel-tone and silky textures can bring a luxurious plush feel to your bedroom while textures like fringes, tassels, and knit can add a modish sophistication to your space!

8 Budget-Friendly Ways To Glam Up Your Home

A glamorous home is not always about expensive furniture or a huge space. By adding something as simple as a decorative mirror or throwing in some pillows, your entire space can feel vibrant and refined. We have lined up some ideas which will instantly add a whimsical touch to your décor without taking much time or money.

1: Make the most of the hallway

Your hallway is the first thing that your guests will see and hence it is very important to set the perfect tone to the entire space. Combining a stylish console table and a decorative wall mirror is just what you need to make a great first impression.

2: Get playful with pillows

Throwing in some accents pillows on to your bed or your sofa is a fool-proof way to liven things up. They create an inviting atmosphere while adding color and texture to your living space. Opt for silk or velvet finish if you want to keep it polished or if setting a casual vibe is your thing, go for prints and patterns.

3: Let the lights shine through

Adding the perfect lighting can accentuate your space and make it look more elegant and special. A stunning crystal chandelier in your living room can single-handedly polish of any décor. If you want to keep it low key yet elegant, go for a golden finish metallic floor lamp.

4: Make your walls the canvas

If your walls are feeling lackluster, turn them into a canvas. Hang photo frames for a personalized touch or get an oversized mural to display your artistic instinct.

5: Mirror, mirror everywhere!

Whether it is to brighten up a boring wall or to lend an illusion of more space, mirrors are the perfect way to enhance your interiors. An antique finish mirror will instantly lend a sense of regality to your décor.

6: Play the perfect host

Treat your guests to some impressive cutlery and tableware choices. Go for patterned and colorful plates and bowls for a casual dinner. Plain white ceramic dinner sets with golden accents will set up a formal yet glamorous mood. A crystal bowl or a vase at the center of the table will make the whole space more eclectic.

7: Set up the ambiance

candle holder can contribute to the aesthetic and light up the whole space. Choose a crystal candle holder to add the right amount of luxury and grandeur to your home while setting up the perfect ambiance.

8: Show off your bathroom

One of the most important places in your home is the bathroom and hence it deserves a great deal of attention. Marble finish tumblers, ceramic soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, and fancy dustbins can simply uplift the whole place.

How to Make a Happy Home!

Your home is the ultimate sanctuary! It’s an extension of your personality. Your home is where you love and feel loved. It’s where you head to after a long tiring day to find peace, comfort, and happiness. Hence creating a positive and uplifting abode is extremely important to shape up a quality life. Here are some ways to bring joy to every corner of your home for the utmost tranquility and peace!

1: Wake up to joyful mornings

Nothing is as rejuvenating as a good night’s sleep! Design a master suite where you can feel completely restored and wake up to joyful mornings. A sophisticated bedroom set not only anchors your space with its elegance but also helps maintain a well-organized look. Choose sheer curtains to let the natural light in and install a chandelier to light up space when the sun is down. Table lamps are perfect to bring in a soft glow especially for your bed-time reads. Place a lounge in the corner of your bedroom to just sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee.

2: Create a well-organized kitchen

Your kitchen is indeed the heart of your home. From experimenting with exotic dishes to passing on your culinary skills to your little ones, it is where you create cherishable memories. So keep your kitchen functional and clutter-free and make every moment delightful. Maximize the efficiency of the space by getting shelves and cabinets for ample storage and a spacious table for extra counter area. Include a quick breakfast nook in your kitchen to enjoy your meals. A striking pendant light in your kitchen is certain to brighten up the interior while a hint of greenery can be refreshing as well as balance the harmony in the space.

3: Enjoy a relaxing me-time

Sometimes all you need is some alone time! It allows you to reflect upon your inner-self and find the ultimate comfort. Create a restful haven in your living where you can relax and recharge with a good read and a cup of coffee. Choose a sofa that not only brings comfort to your seating but is also visually appealing to add elegance to your home. Pile up your sofa with gorgeous accent pillows to elevate the comfort of your perch. For a soothing ambiance and indulge in a peaceful me-time, add some florals and light up scented candles in your space.

4: A cheerful place for your kids

A blissful home is where your children can play freely! It is where they giggle and bond with their siblings and weave some beautiful childhood memories. So make your home a cheerful paradise for your little ones where they can play, grow, and feel inspired – and the key is a clutter-free, functional, and colorful kid’s bedroom. Uplift their space by infusing some delightful colors and patterns and inspire those young minds. For an organized space, make sure you have enough storage in the room to conveniently tuck away all their essentials. Set up a comfortable study nook with proper lighting for a positive and bright aesthetic.

5: A refreshing outdoor oasis

A refreshing outdoor is undoubtedly the best way to let go of your stress! It’s the perfect place to enjoy some fun-filled time with your friends and family, whether it is a barbeque night or a fun game in the garden. Create a joyful getaway in your backyard by setting up the perfect outdoor oasis and find the ultimate retreat. From swing chairs to conversational sofas, choose beautiful pieces that bring comfort and style to your space. A lush green outdoor can soothe your senses while bringing you closer to nature. Make the most of the beautiful weather outside and take your happiness beyond the walls!

6: A cherishable dining space

A happy home is where you eat together and create some beautiful memories! So make your dining space inviting and delightful to make every moment worthwhile. Set up a stylish foundation for your meals by choosing a table that well suits your interior and dining needs. Enhance your dining experience with a beautiful tabletop setup by incorporating elegant dinnerware, servers, and cutleries. An eye-catching chandelier in your dining can define the whole space while decorative pieces like flower vases and canvases can fashion a beautiful backdrop in your interior. Complete your dining ensemble with a buffet table and a serving trolley.

7: The ultimate perch for your downtime

Your home is your comfort zone! After a long day, all you need is to come back to your cozy den and feel relaxed, and what better than a snuggly couch in your living room to dive into the world of supreme solace. Choose a sofa that suits your personality, style, and comfort preference to just sit back and unwind at the end of the day. Soft luminaries can elevate your perch by balancing the perfect amount of light in your interior while the mesmerizing aroma of a diffuser can simply soothe your senses. For an artistic appeal, make way for some decorative in your space.

Come let us your home a Happy Home!

How to Pick the Perfect Rug for your Home!

How to Pick the Perfect Rug for your Home!

Rugs are the perfect way to spruce up any area in your home. From your entryway to the living room to the dining area to the bedroom, they can instantly add a refreshing touch to the entire space while making your interiors feel more inviting. Though it is one of the easiest ways to revamp your home, choosing the right area rug needs some thoughts and inspiration, especially when there are a plethora of patterns and textures to choose from. We have lined up some of the most important things that you need to consider while picking an exemplary floor enhancer for your abode.

1: Get the Size Right!

One of the basic rules in choosing the right rug is to get the size right. The size will vary depending on the orientation of your furniture, the area where you are going to place the rug, and the layout of the room. If you are looking to define your dining or living area in open floor space, the best option is to get a large rug that can cover the legs of your furniture completely and still leave some space on all the four sides. If you are choosing a rug for your entryway make sure you measure the width of the entrance so that your rug doesn’t overflow on the sides. For smaller living rooms, opt for an oversized rug which will cover all your furniture making your interior look bigger and less cramped up.

2: Shapes that Matter!

The shape of the rug can define the overall outlook of your space. For narrow entryways, choosing a round outline is not very tasteful as it can make the entrance look imbalanced and less appealing. If you have a contemporary living setup, instead of sticking to the basic shapes, try something that is more abstract to bring out the best in your interiors. For an open space floor, choose a standard rectangular or a large round rug to aesthetically segregate the area while square rugs can bring the absolute harmony into a symmetrical space where all the sides measure the same.

3: The Playful Patterns

Infusing some alluring patterns can breathe life to your floors. From bold geometric designs to refreshing blooms to basic solids, there are a variety of options for you to match with your interiors. If you have a busy floor design with colorful tiles, it is better to stick to the basics and go for a solid rug. For a more contemporary vibe, spread a geometric patterned rug into your space, and to work a summer-inspired look, our bet is a beautiful floral printed rug that can instantly infuse a charming appeal to your floor. In winter, cozy up your floor by choosing knitted rugs and carpets for an inviting feel.

4: A Colorful Harmony!

Choosing the right color that matches your interiors is extremely important as it can make or break the cohesiveness of your space. Rugs in a neutral tone go well with dark walls while dark or multicolor will effortlessly blend with a white solid backdrop. Also, keep in mind the shade of your furniture while deciding on the color. If your sofa has a deeper or darker shade, do not settle for a rich tone and instead keep your rug color lighter for an eye-catching contrast. Similarly, rich color can aesthetically complement muted-tone furniture while maintaining harmony in the space.

5: Do Not Compromise on Comfort

An area rug is more than just an anchoring piece in your interior. It brings a sense of coziness and warmth to your space with its soothing texture to keep your feet at ease. From the pile height to the weave to the material, many aspects come together to enhance the comfort of the rug. The pile height is what defines the thickness of the rug. A rug with long pile height is softer than the ones with shorter piles and is great to place underneath your bed or your sofa set where you need a more sumptuous feel. Handwoven rugs make an opulent addition to your home and lend a timeless appeal with their meticulous craft and texture. For ultimate comfort, accentuate your floor with a cowhide leather or faux fur area rug which is sure to draw some attention while transforming your interiors to a state of luxury.

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