How to fall in love with your home all over again?

Fall in love with your home
There is no place like home. It’s your comfort zone, especially after a long strenuous day. It’s your sanctuary to unwind. It’s where you wake up feeling fresh every morning to take on the world. Your home is where the memories are born. From those unending conversations with your friends to those romantic soirees with your better half, your home is the centre of your happiness. It’s your refuge from all the worries. A place where you can feel completely safe, be happy, and most importantly be yourself. This season, fall in love with your home all over again by adding warmth and comfort to every corner. With these inspiring tips, you are sure to turn your house into a home.

Slumber in Luxury

Luxurious bedroom
Get inspired by this luxurious bedroom and create a retreat that you’ll instantly fall in love with. The layers of plush textile keep you warm and cozy throughout the night while an outstanding bed in neutral undertones and the complementing sidekicks with a splash of gold infuse the right amount of function and flair to create a calming and well-curated sanctuary for your sleep.

Glam Up the Convos

Living room
Create a glistening living room that not only steals their heart but also make them envious, just like this stunning conversational corner. With an awesome curvy sofa, a boucle armchair, a striking coffee table at the center, dazzling pendant lights, and a lot of gleaming sidekicks to go with, this bespoke living is oozing with glitz and glam.

Make New Memories

Dining room
Leave no stone unturned to turn your eating space into something magical and host a feast that your loved ones will remember for a lifetime. The noteworthy dining table in this space sets a glamorous foundation for your meals, while the white and gold tabletop accessories, glazed stemware and the modern sputnik-style light elevate the aesthetics.

Chillax in Style

Quirky Lounging Area
Who would want to go out when happy hour can be right at home? Now set up a suave go-to-spot to chillax with everything cool, and shake things up in your pajamas. Explore our collection of automobile-inspired car sofas and truck-shaped bar counters to add a quirky edge to your space. Add-ons like the scooter clock on the wall and the cowhide leather chair with layers of fur accentuate the quaintness of this vintage-inspired hideaway.

Soak Up & Revive

Spa essentials
Imagine coming back home to a relaxing bath every day. That’s right! Now, the bathroom of your dreams can be easily achieved with our collection of premium towels, robes, bath mats and accessories. Made from super-absorbent and top quality materials, our bath essentials bring the feeling of a luxurious spa to your home by turning your bathroom into a haven of tranquility.

The Quite Corner

Me-time corner to unwind
When life gives you a corner, turn it into something charming and claim it completely yours. Cheerful, cozy and welcoming, this peaceful me-time spot features a leathery chair, super-comfy pom-pom cushions, a plush throw, and a soft rug, to keep you at ease as you unwind. A metallic console and mirror duo and a dash of greenery complete the scene for your much needed self-love moments.

Cuddly Companions

Cushions & throws
Whether your idea of unwinding is snuggling up on your favourite couch or slumbering in your retreat, a pile of furry cushions will make the perfect companions, making your downtime utterly relaxing. Stack them up in different sizes, shapes and patterns to bring instant comfort and style to your space.

Scenti-mental Shine

Candles & home fragrances
What’s a home without some shine and scent? From the warm glow of our alluring candles to the sweet smell of our refreshing home fragrances, we have got everything to set a calm and relaxing ambience that’ll instantly transport you to the world of serenity.

A Hint of Green

Plants & flowers
Refreshing and pleasing to your eyes, a hint of green is all it takes to add a new lease of life into any space. Uplift the vibe of your interior with our wide selection of trees and pot plants, and feel the freshness of the outdoors within your home.

Celebrate Home Celebrate You

Every individual is unique and has a distinct sense of style. Some find beauty in subtle things while others are drawn to everything extravagant, and then there are the inbetweeners. No matter what personality you possess, your space should mirror your individuality. From earthy to modern, minimalistic to American Flamboyance, here are some interior ideas to create a home that truly reflects you.

Gleaming Glam


Gleaming and dazzling, this sanctuary is everything you would dream for a luxurious slumber. The choice of the sumptuous velvet upholstery of this bedroom ensemble strikes a contrast with polished gold metal accents to raise the glam quotient in this space. The tall headboard adds a sense of height, whilst the handle-less appeal of the drawers lend a seamless touch to this retreat. It’s something you will be instantly drawn to if sophistication is in your nature.

Minimalistic Sophistication

A selection of neutral tones and clean lines put together a minimalistic interior for those who opt for simple cohesiveness. A bevelled mirror stands tall and graceful against the bare wall to break the monotony while the mid-century modern-inspired coffee table, floor lamp and a spiral luminary inject modern luxury into this less-is-more living.

Playful & Functional

This playful living is created keeping modern needs in mind. A streamlined corner sofa with hidden storage keeps functionality in check, while the scandi-inspired nesting tables and the geometric abstract arts in the backdrop emphasize the modern identity of this interior. A hint of green is well-incorporated to add a calming sense to the scene, along with a mix of cheerful patterns and colours.

Earthy & Natural


Engulfed in natural textures and rustic nuances, this interior celebrates the warmth of earthy aesthetics. The natural wooden textures, rattan baskets and soft cotton textiles articulate a feeling of comfort as the hand-knotted rug and the tribal patterns on the cushions and the wall seep a bohemian charm into this warm and inviting living.

American Flamboyance

An ode to classic American beauty, this evocative living curates retro aesthetics, from cowhide textiles to leathery textures, nailhead trims to geometric patterns and much more. The chesterfield sofa accented with tufts and bunfeet legs instils a bold aura, creating an interior that melds antique and flamboyance in the right proportion.

How To Get Your Kids Excited About Back to School?

Back to school time is always fun, but it is also equally chaotic, especially when parents are still contemplating whether to send their kids back to school or opt for online learning, owing to the ambiguity of the pandemic situation.

But don’t worry! We have got everything to shoot up the excitement for the new school year regardless of what learning option you choose for your kid.

From amusing furniture and stationery items inspired by your child’s favourite characters to organizers and knick-knacks to bring order to their space, our latest collection features everything to make this back to school time stress-free for both kids and parents.

Check out some of our back-to-school must-haves that are approved by kids and loved by parents.

Bring an Order

Your child’s bedroom is always busy with toys, books, and other knick-knacks, making it one of the hardest places in your home to clean. But with a little effort, you can create a mess-free space where your little ones can have all the fun that they deserve. Check out our functional yet stylish storage solutions and encourage them to keep their space organized and neat.

Camp up the Fun


Spur your child’s imagination by setting up a play tent at home. Ideal for camping with their friends or even spending the whole day role-playing with their treasured toys, our play tents are perfect for creating a cozy and personal space for your children.

Layer Up the Joy

Nothing adds a cheerful aesthetic quite like some delightful patterns and colors in your child’s room. From superhero cushions to dreamy princess blankets, add layers of joy and comfort to your kid’s den with beautiful prints and vibrant shades.

The Hang Out Spot

From snuggling up for story time to enjoying cartoons to indulging in hours of games, now create the perfect spot where your child can sit, play, lounge, and relax with our oh-so-cuddly bean bags and comfy gaming chairs.

The Study Nook

With kids adapting to online classes, it is important to create an ideal classroom atmosphere where they can enjoy learning at home. Bring some excitement to their study time by setting up an inspirational study area with our spacious desks and rotating chairs.

Meal Time Excitement

No more struggle getting your child to eat those fruits and veggies. Available in amusing patterns and colors, our special kid’s crockery collection is sure to make mealtime more fun for kids and less stressful for parents.

Plushy Cushy

Plush Toys

Kids love toys, especially when they are so fluffy and cushiony. Check out a wide range of colorful plush toys available in exciting shapes and patterns to add an extra edge to their playtime.

Wrap Them In Love

Treat your little ones to a relaxing spa with our snuggliest bathrobes and towels, depicting their most-loved characters. Made from super-soft material with bold and fun patterns, they are sure to wrap them in the utmost comfort and make them feel special and pampered.

Pack the Fun

First day of school is always exciting. From choosing the perfect bag to picking some pretty stationeries, it’s a lot of fun for both kids and parents. Now explore our collection of character-themed backpacks, notebooks, stationery, and other knick-knacks and pack their bags with everything nice and cute. Also, don’t forget to add some inspiring quotes on the walls to keep them motivated.

Night NightZZzzz!!

Your kids’ days are pretty much eventful. So creating a cozy sleeping pad where they can enjoy a restful sleep is a must. Explore our cute and durable beds to create a safe and comfortable where your little ones can easily slip into the world of sweet dreams.

Back To School – Let’s Bring Back All The Fun

Whether Elsa from Frozen is your little girl’s best friend or your boy is obsessed with the adventures of superheroes, our Back To School Collection inspired their favourite characters is guaranteed to leave your munchkins in awe.

From character-themed backpacks and stationeries to knick-knacks such as bathrobes, eye masks, blankets, pillows, plush toys, wall decals and much more, this range includes everything to turn your children’s space into a world of amusement.

Bring home their most beloved pals and let them enjoy their space with their besties.


Just like the sweetest iconic Disney cartoon characters, this Mickey & Minnie collection is extremely playful and lovable.


Create your munchkin’s own Arendelle castle and mesmerize her with the escapades of Elsa, the snow queen.


It’s time for some superpowers. Inspire your tiny ones with their favourite Marvel superheroes and lead them to the multiverse of imagination and adventure.


Turn your little princess’s space into a whimsical fairyland with the enchanting Disney Princess Collection and unravel the spirit of magic and mystery.


A dream of every car enthusiast, this range is packed with exciting features. Let your kiddo race into the world of fun and entertainment.

Welcome, Host & Feast This Eid


Family gatherings, great food, gifts, decking up home, and much more – there is so much to love about Eid al-Adha. As we look forward to creating some beautiful memories this season, let’s focus on the three integral parts of any festivity – Welcoming, Hosting & Feasting. From making the best first impression to celebrating the magic of togetherness, here is how to embrace the true spirit of festivities.

The First Impression

Your entryway is the first place where your guests will lay their eyes on. So, leave no stone to make a killer first impression. Establish a console and pair it with modern Arabic calligraphic art. Stage some show-stealing accents such as a flower arrangement, a candle holder and a floor lamp and set the tone for the rest of your interior. Placing photo frames will add a personal touch to the whole space.

The Heart of Celebrations

Flaunt a living room that is as comfy as it looks beautiful, and celebrate the magic of togetherness. Establish a stunning sofa instilled in the plushness of velvety textile and gold metal accents. Let a striking coffee table adorned with defining accents take the centrestage, while you keep the space well-lit with enchanting lightings.

The Art of Serving

Take your hosting game up a notch with elegant serving trolleys. Perfect to serve refreshments and snacks, they make a practical choice and add an eloquent touch to your interior. Choose designs in gold or silver to steal the show.

The Wall of Elegance

An artistic backdrop is sure to spark some conversations and leave your guests impressed! From adding canvas paintings to hanging decorative accents, there is a lot that you can do to add a glamorous touch to those empty walls, and we bet nothing captures the spirit of EID quite like some Arabic calligraphic wall arts.

The Grandiloquent Spread

Gathering for the feast is one of the key events during the festival! So, take out those exquisite dinner sets and cutleries that you have been waiting to show off. For the finishing touch, accentuate your tabletop with the quintessential charmers such as a lovely floral arrangement, candle holders, placemats and napkins. After all, it is those little details that make a huge impact.

Set the Ambience

Mesmerize your senses by filling your home with a long-lasting scent. Make sure to choose candles and diffusers that are not too overpowering but are long-lasting enough to fill the whole space with a subtle and soothing aroma.

Vanity in Check

Probably the tiniest space of your whole house, yet one of the most personal areas that reflect your personality is your bathroom. Yes, that’s right! No matter how well you have organized the rest of your home, it can break the whole impression if you don’t maintain this place the right way. So, from countertop accessories to organizing baskets, make sure you have everything to keep your bathroom spotless.