How to fall in love with your home all over again?

There is no place like home. It’s your comfort zone, especially after a long strenuous day. It’s your sanctuary to unwind. It’s where you wake up feeling fresh every morning to take on the world. Your home is where the memories are born. From those unending conversations with your friends to those romantic soirees with your better half, your home is the centre of your happiness. It’s your refuge from all the worries. A place where you can feel completely safe, be happy, and most importantly be yourself. This season, fall in love with your home all over again by adding warmth and comfort to every corner. With these inspiring tips, you are sure to turn your house into a home.

Slumber in Luxury

Get inspired by this luxurious bedroom and create a retreat that you’ll instantly fall in love with. The layers of plush textile keep you warm and cozy throughout the night while an outstanding bed in neutral undertones and the complementing sidekicks with a splash of gold infuse the right amount of function and flair to create a calming and well-curated sanctuary for your sleep.

Glam Up the Convos

Create a glistening living room that not only steals their heart but also make them envious, just like this stunning conversational corner. With an awesome curvy sofa, a boucle armchair, a striking coffee table at the center, dazzling pendant lights, and a lot of gleaming sidekicks to go with, this bespoke living is oozing with glitz and glam.

Make New Memories

Leave no stone unturned to turn your eating space into something magical and host a feast that your loved ones will remember for a lifetime. The noteworthy dining table in this space sets a glamorous foundation for your meals, while the white and gold tabletop accessories, glazed stemware and the modern sputnik-style light elevate the aesthetics.

Chillax in Style

Quirky Lounging Area
Who would want to go out when happy hour can be right at home? Now set up a suave go-to-spot to chillax with everything cool, and shake things up in your pajamas. Explore our collection of automobile-inspired car sofas and truck-shaped bar counters to add a quirky edge to your space. Add-ons like the scooter clock on the wall and the cowhide leather chair with layers of fur accentuate the quaintness of this vintage-inspired hideaway.

Soak Up & Revive

Imagine coming back home to a relaxing bath every day. That’s right! Now, the bathroom of your dreams can be easily achieved with our collection of premium towels, robes, bath mats and accessories. Made from super-absorbent and top quality materials, our bath essentials bring the feeling of a luxurious spa to your home by turning your bathroom into a haven of tranquility.

The Quite Corner

When life gives you a corner, turn it into something charming and claim it completely yours. Cheerful, cozy and welcoming, this peaceful me-time spot features a leathery chair, super-comfy pom-pom cushions, a plush throw, and a soft rug, to keep you at ease as you unwind. A metallic console and mirror duo and a dash of greenery complete the scene for your much needed self-love moments.

Cuddly Companions

Whether your idea of unwinding is snuggling up on your favourite couch or slumbering in your retreat, a pile of furry cushions will make the perfect companions, making your downtime utterly relaxing. Stack them up in different sizes, shapes and patterns to bring instant comfort and style to your space.

Scenti-mental Shine

What’s a home without some shine and scent? From the warm glow of our alluring candles to the sweet smell of our refreshing home fragrances, we have got everything to set a calm and relaxing ambience that’ll instantly transport you to the world of serenity.

A Hint of Green

Refreshing and pleasing to your eyes, a hint of green is all it takes to add a new lease of life into any space. Uplift the vibe of your interior with our wide selection of trees and pot plants, and feel the freshness of the outdoors within your home.

How to Dress Up your Bed!

Your bedroom is without a doubt the most personal space in your home! It is where you head to escape from the whizz and fuzz of your daily life! Hence, sprucing up the style quotient and comfort of your bedroom should be on top of your list, and what better way than dressing up your bed to keep your space more inviting and trendy? Make your sleeping pad extra cozy and wake up to a luxurious hotel-like retreat every day with our simple and easy bedding ideas! 

1: Start with the base!

Start with a good quality mattress protector and keep your mattress clean and new-looking for a very long time.  If you prefer an extra layer of coziness, spread a mattress topper with memory foam filling. Top it with a soft and breathable fitted or flat sheet. Make sure to tuck in all the sides neatly under the mattress without any visible crease on the surface for a well-defined look.

2: All those extra layers!

Layering is the key to an ultimate sanctuary! From duvets to blankets, add multiple layers of bedding for supreme comfort. In summer, opt for breathable and lightweight top layers to keep your bed cool and comfy. Winter is perfect to pull out those thick comforters and blankets to keep yourself warm and cozy for a good night’s sleep. 

3: The ultimate sleep boosters!

Pillows are great sleep enhancers as they can impact the quality of your sleep! Therefore, picking the right pillows is as important as choosing a perfect mattress for your bedroom. From goose down to feather to memory foam, there are a variety of pillow fillings that you can try based on the comfort level that you are looking for. To spruce things up, wrap them in appealing patterned cases and shams!

4: Pile up on comfort!

Decorative cushions and pillows are more than just accent pieces in your decor! Laden with comfort, they can make an eye-catching statement in your interior while injecting an intriguing touch of warmth to your space. Pile up pillows and cushions in different sizes, shapes, and patterns to create super-stylish bedding. Bolster pillows add a distinct touch to the overall setup while offering excellent support for your neck!

5: Cozy up with throws

Nothing can add chicness to your bedding quite like a beautiful throw casually tossed on the side of your bed! Lightweight yet cozy, they are the ultimate add-ons to bring a sense of warmth and style to your space. From cable knit to faux fur throws, try some gorgeous designs to add an extra layer of fluffiness to your retreat. Amp up your interior by incorporating textures and details like tassels and fringes to create a stunning statement.  

6: Colors, textures, and patterns!

Dressing up your bed is an art! Infuse stunning colors, textures, and patterns to create an alluring bedscape and dive into an artistic retreat. If you are in a mood to stick to basics, an all-white look can create a timeless style. Create a beautiful juxtaposition by piling up colorful accent pillows in solid patterns. Jewel-tone and silky textures can bring a luxurious plush feel to your bedroom while textures like fringes, tassels, and knit can add a modish sophistication to your space!