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Every individual is unique and has a distinct sense of style. Some find beauty in subtle things while others are drawn to everything extravagant, and then there are the inbetweeners. No matter what personality you possess, your space should mirror your individuality. From earthy to modern, minimalistic to American Flamboyance, here are some interior ideas to create a home that truly reflects you.

Gleaming Glam


Gleaming and dazzling, this sanctuary is everything you would dream for a luxurious slumber. The choice of the sumptuous velvet upholstery of this bedroom ensemble strikes a contrast with polished gold metal accents to raise the glam quotient in this space. The tall headboard adds a sense of height, whilst the handle-less appeal of the drawers lend a seamless touch to this retreat. It’s something you will be instantly drawn to if sophistication is in your nature.

Minimalistic Sophistication

A selection of neutral tones and clean lines put together a minimalistic interior for those who opt for simple cohesiveness. A bevelled mirror stands tall and graceful against the bare wall to break the monotony while the mid-century modern-inspired coffee table, floor lamp and a spiral luminary inject modern luxury into this less-is-more living.

Playful & Functional

This playful living is created keeping modern needs in mind. A streamlined corner sofa with hidden storage keeps functionality in check, while the scandi-inspired nesting tables and the geometric abstract arts in the backdrop emphasize the modern identity of this interior. A hint of green is well-incorporated to add a calming sense to the scene, along with a mix of cheerful patterns and colours.

Earthy & Natural


Engulfed in natural textures and rustic nuances, this interior celebrates the warmth of earthy aesthetics. The natural wooden textures, rattan baskets and soft cotton textiles articulate a feeling of comfort as the hand-knotted rug and the tribal patterns on the cushions and the wall seep a bohemian charm into this warm and inviting living.

American Flamboyance

An ode to classic American beauty, this evocative living curates retro aesthetics, from cowhide textiles to leathery textures, nailhead trims to geometric patterns and much more. The chesterfield sofa accented with tufts and bunfeet legs instils a bold aura, creating an interior that melds antique and flamboyance in the right proportion.

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