How To Get Your Kids Excited About Back to School?

Back to school time is always fun, but it is also equally chaotic, especially when parents are still contemplating whether to send their kids back to school or opt for online learning, owing to the ambiguity of the pandemic situation.

But don’t worry! We have got everything to shoot up the excitement for the new school year regardless of what learning option you choose for your kid.

From amusing furniture and stationery items inspired by your child’s favourite characters to organizers and knick-knacks to bring order to their space, our latest collection features everything to make this back to school time stress-free for both kids and parents.

Check out some of our back-to-school must-haves that are approved by kids and loved by parents.

Bring an Order

Your child’s bedroom is always busy with toys, books, and other knick-knacks, making it one of the hardest places in your home to clean. But with a little effort, you can create a mess-free space where your little ones can have all the fun that they deserve. Check out our functional yet stylish storage solutions and encourage them to keep their space organized and neat.

Camp up the Fun


Spur your child’s imagination by setting up a play tent at home. Ideal for camping with their friends or even spending the whole day role-playing with their treasured toys, our play tents are perfect for creating a cozy and personal space for your children.

Layer Up the Joy

Nothing adds a cheerful aesthetic quite like some delightful patterns and colors in your child’s room. From superhero cushions to dreamy princess blankets, add layers of joy and comfort to your kid’s den with beautiful prints and vibrant shades.

The Hang Out Spot

From snuggling up for story time to enjoying cartoons to indulging in hours of games, now create the perfect spot where your child can sit, play, lounge, and relax with our oh-so-cuddly bean bags and comfy gaming chairs.

The Study Nook

With kids adapting to online classes, it is important to create an ideal classroom atmosphere where they can enjoy learning at home. Bring some excitement to their study time by setting up an inspirational study area with our spacious desks and rotating chairs.

Meal Time Excitement

No more struggle getting your child to eat those fruits and veggies. Available in amusing patterns and colors, our special kid’s crockery collection is sure to make mealtime more fun for kids and less stressful for parents.

Plushy Cushy

Plush Toys

Kids love toys, especially when they are so fluffy and cushiony. Check out a wide range of colorful plush toys available in exciting shapes and patterns to add an extra edge to their playtime.

Wrap Them In Love

Treat your little ones to a relaxing spa with our snuggliest bathrobes and towels, depicting their most-loved characters. Made from super-soft material with bold and fun patterns, they are sure to wrap them in the utmost comfort and make them feel special and pampered.

Pack the Fun

First day of school is always exciting. From choosing the perfect bag to picking some pretty stationeries, it’s a lot of fun for both kids and parents. Now explore our collection of character-themed backpacks, notebooks, stationery, and other knick-knacks and pack their bags with everything nice and cute. Also, don’t forget to add some inspiring quotes on the walls to keep them motivated.

Night NightZZzzz!!

Your kids’ days are pretty much eventful. So creating a cozy sleeping pad where they can enjoy a restful sleep is a must. Explore our cute and durable beds to create a safe and comfortable where your little ones can easily slip into the world of sweet dreams.

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