How to Pick the Perfect Rug for your Home!

How to Pick the Perfect Rug for your Home!

Rugs are the perfect way to spruce up any area in your home. From your entryway to the living room to the dining area to the bedroom, they can instantly add a refreshing touch to the entire space while making your interiors feel more inviting. Though it is one of the easiest ways to revamp your home, choosing the right area rug needs some thoughts and inspiration, especially when there are a plethora of patterns and textures to choose from. We have lined up some of the most important things that you need to consider while picking an exemplary floor enhancer for your abode.

1: Get the Size Right!

One of the basic rules in choosing the right rug is to get the size right. The size will vary depending on the orientation of your furniture, the area where you are going to place the rug, and the layout of the room. If you are looking to define your dining or living area in open floor space, the best option is to get a large rug that can cover the legs of your furniture completely and still leave some space on all the four sides. If you are choosing a rug for your entryway make sure you measure the width of the entrance so that your rug doesn’t overflow on the sides. For smaller living rooms, opt for an oversized rug which will cover all your furniture making your interior look bigger and less cramped up.

2: Shapes that Matter!

The shape of the rug can define the overall outlook of your space. For narrow entryways, choosing a round outline is not very tasteful as it can make the entrance look imbalanced and less appealing. If you have a contemporary living setup, instead of sticking to the basic shapes, try something that is more abstract to bring out the best in your interiors. For an open space floor, choose a standard rectangular or a large round rug to aesthetically segregate the area while square rugs can bring the absolute harmony into a symmetrical space where all the sides measure the same.

3: The Playful Patterns

Infusing some alluring patterns can breathe life to your floors. From bold geometric designs to refreshing blooms to basic solids, there are a variety of options for you to match with your interiors. If you have a busy floor design with colorful tiles, it is better to stick to the basics and go for a solid rug. For a more contemporary vibe, spread a geometric patterned rug into your space, and to work a summer-inspired look, our bet is a beautiful floral printed rug that can instantly infuse a charming appeal to your floor. In winter, cozy up your floor by choosing knitted rugs and carpets for an inviting feel.

4: A Colorful Harmony!

Choosing the right color that matches your interiors is extremely important as it can make or break the cohesiveness of your space. Rugs in a neutral tone go well with dark walls while dark or multicolor will effortlessly blend with a white solid backdrop. Also, keep in mind the shade of your furniture while deciding on the color. If your sofa has a deeper or darker shade, do not settle for a rich tone and instead keep your rug color lighter for an eye-catching contrast. Similarly, rich color can aesthetically complement muted-tone furniture while maintaining harmony in the space.

5: Do Not Compromise on Comfort

An area rug is more than just an anchoring piece in your interior. It brings a sense of coziness and warmth to your space with its soothing texture to keep your feet at ease. From the pile height to the weave to the material, many aspects come together to enhance the comfort of the rug. The pile height is what defines the thickness of the rug. A rug with long pile height is softer than the ones with shorter piles and is great to place underneath your bed or your sofa set where you need a more sumptuous feel. Handwoven rugs make an opulent addition to your home and lend a timeless appeal with their meticulous craft and texture. For ultimate comfort, accentuate your floor with a cowhide leather or faux fur area rug which is sure to draw some attention while transforming your interiors to a state of luxury.

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