The holy month of Ramadan is around the corner and we can already feel the peace and serenity in the vibe. This year is much different as we all have been observing quarantine for our safety, but this doesn’t mean we can’t add the festive vibe in our homes. Infact, now we need cheerful interiors more than ever as we are spending most of our time indoors. Also, you can benefit from the extra 15% off on our selected ranges of living furnitures and extra 10% off on home decor/accessories. Here are 7 decor inspirations that will uplift the atmosphere of your abode. 


Living aesthetics 

The sofa is the anchor of your curated living area, it defines the overall look and dominates the flow of your interiors, so choosing the right one is critical to achieving the style wanted in a room. With a diverse collection of colors, materials and fabrics, we have sofas that will fit all kinds of color schemes and all kinds of budget ranges. We offer a wide variety of styles, from classic and transitional to glam and contemporary. All pieces are made of carefully chosen, durable materials. These sofas are an ideal fit for entertaining guests or enjoying a relaxing evening at home. Check out from the amazing range of products. Click here. 


Wall Hangings

When your walls have a vibrant look, they will reflect happiness. From paintings, wall hangings and canvas, you can transform the vibe from drab to fab. Check out our wide selection and express yourself in your interiors!



Good lighting helps set the mood for a festive holiday feel. It’s important to have the right lighting in your home because it impacts our moods, our productivity and concentration, even our sleep cycles! Click here to access our amazing range of lighting fixtures and accessories. 


Home Decor

A beautiful home decor gives you a unique environment that enhances your comfort. The décor of the house has an effect on the mood as it helps in getting rid of anxiety and stress. Whether you are bored or the design has become outdated, adding decorative touches helps in increasing the appeal of rooms. Click here and start shopping from the exciting range of decor.


Floor Coverings

A good floor carpet absorbs sound and makes the floor feel softer and warmer. It makes the floor beneath your feet feel soft and cushioned. A carpet can be a neutral foundation, or it can be a focal point with vibrant colors and stronger, bolder patterns, and textures. Select from a wide range of floor covering and rugs here.     


Blankets and throws

Your living is incomplete without cozy throws and blankets. Adding a throw in your living can instantly make it look more inviting and comfortable. Not only are throw blankets great for keeping you and your family warm, but they can also serve as gorgeous decor when used as a statement piece for your sofa. Find the perfect throw for your seating area here.



Tableware helps you showcase a profound presentation that can make every meal delightful. It sets the mood for any occasion, from entertaining guests to a cosy family dinner. If you are having a formal dinner gathering, then you should select a set that offers your guests an excellent dining experience, whereas, for everyday use, you must opt for tableware that is damage and stain proof, as well as easy-to-clean. Check out our full range of tableware, from elegant to everyday use dinnerware sets. 



After a whole day of fasting, we need a feast that feels soulful and wholesome. Unleash your inner chef this Ramadan and get ready to prepare finger-licking good iftars with a range of kitchenware that makes cooking easy. Select the best cookware range that will help you make the best meals for your family this Ramadan. Check our range here