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0% Installment Plan

What is it 0% Installment plan?
How do I get started with a 0% Installments plan on my credit card?
What information the bank would require from me to start the plan?
Can I use prepaid cards & cash on delivery to get the installment plan?
What are the costs involved to avail the 0% installment plan?
What if I want to return the product? Do I get a full refund?
Will I be subject to penalties if I don't pay my bank installments on time?
How long will it take the bank to activate my plan?
How will I be aware if my purchase transaction has been transferred to an installment plan?
Is it possible to apply for more than one installment plan at the same time?
Is it possible to get promotion and offer items on installment plan?
Can I use Discount Coupons along with easy installments?
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