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Partnered Banks

0% Installment Plan

What is it 0% Installment plan?

A 0% Installment Plan is a payment solution provided by PAN Emirates and its partner banks where you can pay monthly installments on your purchase if the transaction is over 1,000 AED. You will not be subject to interest charges for the entire duration of the payment plan. You will be eligible for this plan if you have a credit card from any of these banks






Mawarid Finance,

Emirates Islamic Bank,

FAB(First Abu Dhabi Bank)


Deem Finance LLC,

Arab Bank.


Ajman Bank


You can select a preferable instalment plan at the checkout, alternatively you have the option to call your bank directly and ask for the 0% Instalment Plan. Please take into consideration that your bank may charge you a onetime processing fee to activate your plan.

How do I get started with a 0% Installments plan on my credit card?

To get started you have two options:

  1. You can choose the 0% Installment Plan option directly from our checkout page if you have a credit card with our partner banks mentioned above
  2. Contact your bank, or sign in to online banking to check if you are eligible for our 0% Installments plan. Please ensure you have a credit card with our mentioned partner banks.

What information the bank would require from me to start the plan?

Merchant name:

Date of Order: The date you place your order on

Order Amount: The total value of your order

Order ID: You can find this in My Account/My Orders

Tenure of the plan required: 3/6/9/12 months

Can I use prepaid cards & cash on delivery to get the installment plan?

Unfortunately, no as the 0% Installment plan can only be available on the listed credit cards.

What are the costs involved to avail the 0% installment plan?

0% Installments is a plan that provides you the freedom to pay for your purchase in easy monthly installments over a specific duration without any added interest charges. This means you will not pay any interest charges whatsoever. However, your bank might charge a nominal processing fee, please refer to the table below to know about the exact charges.

What if I want to return the product? Do I get a full refund?

Definitely. You may request a return to our customer care team and once it's processed, you will get full refund in your Pan Emirates account (Modular Kitchen, Beds & Wardrobes are excepted). Further on, you have two options - either 1. you can use the amount for your next purchase or 2. you can request a transfer to your credit card that was used for purchase.

Will I be subject to penalties if I don't pay my bank installments on time?

Please ensure that you stick to payment deadlines as your bank may charge you a penalty, interest fee or both when you fail to clear outstanding installments. Please confirm with your bank about the charges in advance.

How long will it take the bank to activate my plan?

It may take 3-5 business days to activate the plan.

How will I be aware if my purchase transaction has been transferred to an installment plan?

We will provide you with a confirmation email that confirms your order using 0% Installments Plan. It will also appear in your monthly bank statement. Please contact with your bank for more details.

Is it possible to apply for more than one installment plan at the same time?

Definitely, it is completely possible to have multiple numbers of transactions on 0% installments.

Is it possible to get promotion and offer items on installment plan?

Yes, definitely.

Can I use Discount Coupons along with easy installments?

Yes, you can, if your purchase amount is more than 1000 DHS after deducting the coupon amount.